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Bryoflora Series

Contributions toward a Bryoflora of California I.
A Specimen-Based Catalogue of Mosses

Daniel H. Norris and James R. Shevock
Madroño 51(1): 1-131. 2004

The catalogue lists 596 mosses documented for the state of California. Each species entry contains the following attributes: 1) literature references for that species in California, 2) citation(s) for illustrations, 3) statewide distribution based on physiographic provinces, and 4) citation of representative specimens.
Contributions toward a Bryoflora of California II.
A Key to the Mosses

Daniel H. Norris and James R. Shevock
Madroño 51(2): 133-269. 2004

The keys include 731 mosses known to occur in the Pacific States of Washington, Oregon, Nevada, and California. In addition these keys also include mosses recorded from Baja California, Norte, Mexico. Field notes and identification observations are provided for each of the 200 genera covered by these keys.

Contributions toward a Bryoflora of California III.
Keys and Annotated Species Catalogue for Liverworts and Hornworts

William T. Doyle and Raymond E. Stotler
Madroño 53(2): 89-197. 2006

Part III is similar to the catalogue and key to the mosses; however, this work has the added feature of diagnostic narratives to separate species beyond the use of the keys. The work provides keys and identification narratives for the 150 liverworts and hornworts documented for California. Although written for California, it will be extremely useful for Nevada and southern Oregon.There are no liverworts or hornworts known from Nevada that are not in this work.

Contributions toward a Bryoflora of California IV. 

A Moss Flora of Lake County, A Checklist of the Bryophytes of the Channel Islands, and A Catalogue of the Mosses of the Plumas National Forest

David R. Toren, Ben Carter and Colin Dillingham
Madroño 62(4): 185-276. 2015

Lake County, Channel Islands, Plumas National Forest Bryoflora IV special issue of Madroño.

Contributions toward a Bryoflora of California (and the West), Part V.
Checklist of Bryophytes of San Luis Obispo County, Bryophyte Inventory of Mount Diablo, Catalogue of Moss Species of Napa County, Bryoflora of the Russian Wilderness and Adjacent Slopes of the Salmon Mountains, Klamath National Forest, Flora of the Mosses of the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument in Oregon and California, Bryoflora of the Shoshone National Forest, Wyoming (Part I) and a Catalogue of Mosses and Liverworts of the Beartooth Plateau Area

James R. Shevock et. al., Benjamin E. Carter, David Hutton et. al., Stephen Patrick Rae, Jason R. Brooks, Yelena I. Kosovich-Anderson
Madroño 68(3): 139-335. 2021

This 5th special bryophyte issue of Madroño contributes to our understanding of species distribution in Napa and San Luis Obispo counties, Mount Diablo and Klamath National Forest in California, as well as in Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument in Oregon, and Beartooth Plateau in Wyoming’s Yellowstone region.

West American Floristics

Phenological Patterns in the Flora of Western North America

Madroño 68(4): 339-510. 2021

Contains articles covering a wide array of taxa representative of our extremely diverse flora, and includes historical, observational and experimental studies of the timing of various plant stages, from leaf out and flowering to fruit set.

An Annotated Checklist of the Vascular Plants of Mulegé, Baja California, Mexico

Debra Valov
Madroño 67(3): 115-160. 2020

Plant Diversity and Endemism in the California Floristic Province

Madroño 63(2): 1-206. 2016

Contains the first complete list of vascular and bryophyte plants in the CFP.

100 Years of Madroño, A Special Issue

Madroño 60(4): 265-359. 2013

Classic Articles from the Last Century of Western North American Botany.

Tanoak: History, Ecology and Values.

Madroño 60(2): 63-164. 2013

Includes papers presented at “Tanoak Wild: A Celebration,” June 22, 2012, as part of the Fifth Sudden Oak Death Science Symposium.

Flora of the Carquinez Strait Region, Contra Costa and Solano Counties, California

Dean G. Kelch and Andrew Murdock
Madroño 59(2): 47-108. 2012

The Jepson Herbarium 50th Anniversary Celebration and Scientific Symposium

Madroño 47(4): 217-286. 2000

Discovery, Communication, and Conservation of Plant Biodiversity in California, June 16-18, 2000

The Future of California Floristics and Systematics

Madroño 42(2): 93-306. 1994

Research, Education, Conservation. Proceedings of a Symposium Sponsored by the Friends of the Jepson Herbarium, June 3-6, 1994.

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