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1 Avicennia germinans

2 Hofmeisteria fasciculata

3 Bajacalia crassifolia
Photos: Debra Valov

Nemophila menziesii

Nemophila menziesii 2 Nemophila menziesii from greenhouse experiments
Photos: Susan Mazer









Photos: Mitchell Coleman








Photos: Susan Fawcett


The Society welcomes membership by all individuals interested in Western American botany. Subscriptions to Madroño are available for institutions. Membership dues and institutional subscriptions support the publication of Madroño, the leading botanical journal in Western North America, and our grants and education programs. All individual members receive Madroño free, in print and online, as well as the Society's digital newsletter Nemophila. Membership and institutional subscriptions are based on the volume year of Madroño, which follows the calendar year.

We are pleased to offer discounts for multi-year renewals by individuals. Current membership categories and rates for one year are as follows:

  • Regular: $50
  • Family: $55
  • Emeritus (for retired faculty and other professionals, requires 10 years of prior CalBotSoc membership): $35
  • Student (seven years maximum eligibility; must provide copy of student ID or advisor's signature): $20
  • Postdoc: $35
  • Life: $1000

Institutional subscriptions to Madroño are $85 per year.

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Paul Silva Student Research Fund

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Leave a Legacy, Plant a Seed

In recent years, as western North American wild flora has become increasingly imperiled, a few hundred dollars at a critical time for innovative botanical research can make a career-changing difference to young botanists. With this great need in mind, we invite those of you who are seeking novel ways to make a difference to offer your support to the Society in the following ways:

(1) Augment our current research endowments: Please consider donating whatever you can to the Paul Silva and Annetta Carter endowments above; we’d love to increase the size, number, and frequency of these awards.

(2) Create a new named permanent endowment: Offer a donation of sufficient size to create a named endowment (in your name or in the name of an honored mentor or loved one) from which the interest can be drawn in perpetuity to provide annual or biennial grants (e.g., $600 - $1500) to early-career botanists.

(3) Create a new named short-term fund: Offer a donation of sufficient size to create a named fund from which the capital can be drawn over the next three to five years to provide larger (e.g., $1500 - $3000) annual grants to early-career botanists. You may either specify the amount of each annual grant or leave this decision to the Society's Council.

(4) Fund banquet tickets for students: Support the attendance of a student at our annual banquet that follows our biennial Graduate Student Symposia. These $25 tickets are often out of reach of students, so a small donation could go a long way toward helping our students network informally with a wide range of professional botanists. Your donation will be acknowledged at the banquet and on our website.

Should you wish to discuss in detail these tax-deductible (or other) options, please email Susan Mazer or any other Council member. If you feel ready to contribute, send a check to the Society's address below, with instructions for how you wish it to be used, or you may donate to our specific funds and programs above.

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Please send your membership form and dues payment, as well as any requests for changes of address and Madroño delivery inquiries, to the Society's Membership Chair:

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Nominate a Student for Membership!

Students new to the California Botanical Society are eligible for one year of free membership. To nominate a student for a free membership, please send their name and email address to


For other questions, please contact the Society's Membership Chair at the address above.


Nemophila, is the Society's digital newsletter and forum covering topics of interest to our members, including upcoming meetings, new botanists in the state, and articles about plants and the environment.


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