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Madroño Online

Madroño is available to our individual members online through BioOne (Volumes 52, 2005 to current). BioOne is also available if your library subscribes to BioOne Complete

All issues of Madroño are available through JSTOR, a digital library for scholarly journals. JSTOR has a five-year embargo or moving wall and the most recent issue on JSTOR is 2013 but creeps up annually.

ALL PAST ISSUES of Madroño are available through the Biodiversity Heritage Library for members and the general public!

Free Online Access to Madroño for CalBotSoc Members

All CalBotSoc members have free access to Madroño on BioOne. Just use your CalBotSoc membership email when you create your free BioOne account, or request an access code from our Membership Chair.

Photo by Mitchell Coleman

Reading Madroño Online Helps the Society

By reading articles through BioOne or JSTOR, the Society earns royalties and can monitor Madroño readership. We are a small not-for-profit organization so everything counts!

This is how you can help us:

1) Don’t send PDFs to your colleagues, students and friends. Use BioOne and JSTOR links instead!

2) Do Put BioOne and JSTOR links in your blog, and on your website and webpages (e.g. ResearchGate) rather than PDFs.

Linking readers to Madroño articles on BioOne and JSTOR benefits the Society through royalties. It also gives us an understanding of our reach and impact. Using links may also increase our readership because links are easier to share.

Photo by Susan Fawcett

This is a newly bound, complete set of Madroño just returned from JStor where it was being scanned. Eventually, protologues in the journal will be linked to JStor Global Plants:

More than 2500 plant names (including new combinations) have been published in Madroño since 1916 and many of these will be linked to the high resolution scans of the type specimens on JStor Global Plants.

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