California Botanical Society

Information for Contributors

All manuscripts, illustrations and figures must be submitted to the PeerTrack website: . It is preferred that all authors be members of the California Botanical Society. Manuscripts may be submitted in English or Spanish. English-language manuscripts dealing with taxa or topics of Latin America and Spanish-language manuscripts must have a Spanish RESUMEN and an English ABSTRACT. Authors are encouraged to include the names, addresses, and e-mail addresses of two to four potential reviewers with their submitted manuscript. Manuscripts by authors having outstanding page charges will not be sent for review.

Follow the format used in recent issues for the type of item submitted. Allow ample margins all around. Manuscripts MUST BE DOUBLE-SPACED THROUGHOUT. For articles this includes title (all caps, centered), author names (all caps, centered), addresses (caps, and lower case, centered), abstract and resumen, eight key words or phrases, text, acknowledgments, literature cited, tables (caption on same page), and figure captions (grouped as consecutive paragraphs on one page). Order parts in the sequence listed, ending with figures. Avoid footnotes except to indicate address changes. Abbreviations should be used sparingly and only standard abbreviations will be accepted. Table and figure captions should contain all information relevant to information presented. All measurements and elevations should be in metric units, except specimen citations, which may include English or metric measurements.

Line copy illustrations and figures should be clean and legible, proportioned to the MADROÑO page. Scales should be included in figures, as should explanation of symbols, including graph coordinates. Symbols smaller than 1 mm after reduction are not acceptable. Maps must include a scale and latitude and longitude or UTM references.

All authors must indicate in their cover letter when submitting manuscripts whether they want any illustrations, figures, maps, photographs and other complex matter to be in color or in black and white and, if in color, whether online only or both online and in print.

Presentation of nomenclatural matter (accepted names, synonyms, typification) should follow the format used by Sivinski, Robert C., in MADROÑO 41(4), 1994. Institutional abbreviations in specimen citations should follow Holmgren, Keuken, and Schofield, Index Herbariorum, 8th ed. Names of authors of scientific names should be abbreviated according to Brummitt and Powell, Authors of Plant Names (1992), or The International Plant Names Index, and, if not included in these indices, spelled out in full. Titles of all periodicals, serials, and books should be given in full. Books should include the place and date of publication, publisher, and edition, if other than the first.

All California Botanical Society members current in the volume year that their contributions are published are allowed five free pages per volume year. Additional pages will be charged at the rate of $40 per page. Joint authors may apply all or a portion of their respective five-page allotments to a jointly-published article. Consent from coauthors is needed before additional page credits are issued. Partial pages will be charged as full. Color figures (including illustrations, charts, maps, photographs) will be charged at the rate of $75 for all figures if online only, and at cost per figure for print and online. Author's changes to text and figures after typesetting will be charged to authors at $4.50 per line of text and at cost per figure. The purpose of these fees are not to pay directly for the costs of publishing any particular paper, but rather to allow the Society to continue publishing MADROÑO on a reasonable schedule, with equity among all members for access to its pages.

At the time of submission, authors must provide information describing the extent to which data in the manuscript have been used in other papers that are published, in press, submitted, or soon to be submitted elsewhere.

Updated: June 2019