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2024 California Botanical Society Annual Banquet
and Mixer

Fullerton Arboretum

California State University, Fullerton

Saturday, April 13, 2024


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Mike Simpson photo
Mike Simpson

Banquet Presentation

Bloodworts, Popcorn Flowers, and American Amphitropical Disjuncts (AADs):
The Wonder of Botanical Discovery

Dr. Michael G. Simpson is a Professor Emeritus of Biology at San Diego State University (SDSU) and curator of the SDSU Herbarium.  He has been with the university since 1986. His areas of expertise are plant taxonomy, plant molecular phylogenetics, and floristics. He currently coordinates and co-teaches a spring course at SDSU, Field Botany of San Diego County. In addition to publishing articles in technical journals, Dr. Simpson is author of the widely used textbook Plant Systematics (Elsevier-Academic Press, 2006; 3rd ed. 2019), winner of the Gleason award given by the New York Botanical Garden.

His past work centered on the monocot family Haemodoraceae, a morphologically diverse family distributed in Australia, southern Africa, northern South America and Central America, and eastern North America.  His current focus is on the biogeography, evolution, and taxonomy of the Popcorn Flowers, subtribe Amsinckiinae of the family Boraginaceae.  Dr. Simpson also studies biogeographic patterns and processes of plants with an American Amphitropical Disjunct (AAD) distribution, those occurring in North and South America but not in the intervening tropics.

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