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The Society publishes Madroño, a quarterly scientific journal of peer-reviewed research articles on the natural history of Western American botanical organisms and vegetation, including those of Mexico, Central America, and South America. Original research papers and notes (in English or Spanish) on ecology, systematics, floristics, restoration, conservation biology, and other areas of organismal botany are routinely found in Madroño. We also publish noteworthy collections: a tabulation of range extensions and new species.

Online Access to Madroño

Madroño is available to our individual members online through BioOne (Volumes 52, 2005 to current). All issues of Madroño are available through JSTOR, a digital library for scholarly journals, and through the Biodiversity Heritage Library.

Purchase Special or Individual Issues of Madroño

Purchase special Madroño issues and other individual issues of Madroño online or by completing our order form, which is downloadable as a pdf file.

Please send your order form, and price and mailing cost inquiries, to the Society's Corresponding Secretary:

California Botanical Society
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Justen Whittall, Santa Clara University,
Santa Clara, CA

Board of Editors

Anna Jacobson, California State University, Bakersfield, CA

This is a newly bound, complete set of Madroño just returned from JStor where it was being scanned. Eventually, protologues in the journal will be linked to JStor Global Plants:

More than 2500 plant names (including new combinations) have been published in Madroño since 1916 and many of these will be linked to the high resolution scans of the type specimens on JStor Global Plants.