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The first Graduate Student Meeting of the California Botanical Society was held in 1973, organized by graduate students for the purpose of presenting graduate student research on plants to our peers and the public. Since then, we hold a Graduate Student Meeting every other year in conjunction with our annual banquet. These meetings are an excellent way for students to become familiar with current botanical research and to participate in a community of scientists.

CBS 25th

25th Graduate Student Symposium
Seaver Commons, Pomona College
Saturday, April 11, 2015

The California Botanical Society encourages current graduate students and recent recipients of a graduate degree to share their research in the botanical sciences with their peers and the public at the upcoming 25th Graduate Student Symposium to be held at Seaver Commons, Pomona College (near Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden) on Saturday, April 11, 2015.

Prizes for oral presentations will be awarded in the following categories: Proposed Research, Research in Progress, Completed Research, and Best Presentation.

The California Botanical Society's Annual Banquet and Meeting will take place after the symposium.
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$55 - Annual Banquet regular
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$25 - Graduate Student Symposium

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