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Steve Junak on San Nicolas Island Photo: John Game Steve Junak on San Nicolas Island
Photo: John Game

Acmispon argophyllus var. niveus (Santa Cruz Island Silver Lotus)  Photo: John Game Acmispon argophyllus var. niveus (Santa Cruz Island Silver Lotus)
Photo: John Game


2017 California Botanical Society
Annual Banquet and 26th Graduate Student Symposium


Saturday, April 8, 2017
8:00 AM - 26th Graduate Student Symposium
8:45 - 2:45 PM -- Contributed Talks
4:00 - 5:30 PM -- Poster Session
6:00 PM – Social & Annual Banquet (No-host Bar)
7:00 PM – Dinner and presentation

Location of Symposium and Annual Banquet

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden
1212 Mission Canyon Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93105

Annual Banquet

The annual banquet will be a Mexican Buffet and is $30 for students, and $75 for non-students, which helps subsidize the student rate.

Annual Banquet Presentation

A Short History of Botanical Exploration on the California Islands: Some of the Amazing People Who Were Involved and Their Exciting Discoveries
Steve Junak, Former Herbarium Curator, Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

European naturalists began exploring central and southern California in the 1760s, but the history of botanical discovery on the California Islands did not begin until many decades later. The first botanical collections were made in 1842 on Catalina Island and, not until the 1860s and 1870s, on several other islands. Unfortunately, sheep and goats were turned loose on many of the islands before botanists had a chance to visit. Nevertheless, amazing discoveries have been made on the islands. There are over 100 endemic plant taxa on the California Islands, many of which are now important ornamental plants on the mainland. Some of the plant collectors had amazing adventures during their explorations, such as being mistaken for smugglers and being shot at while trying to enter the Santa Barbara harbor area, lassoing plants on steep cliffs, shooting plant specimens off inaccessible rocks with a shotgun, or being stranded on a remote island for two months when their boat to the mainland was delayed. Tragically, one well-known collector lost his life while trying to reach plants on a steep cliff. Our knowledge of the flora of the islands, both past and present, is the result of the cooperative efforts of the long list of botanical explorers and collectors.

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Field Trips

In conjunction with the Symposium and Annual Meeting, the Society is hosting two field trips:

Friday, April 7, 2017: Santa Cruz Island. Led by Steve Junak and Matt Guilliams.
Meet at Ventura Harbor at 8:40 AM (Ferry departs at 9:00 AM, returns around 5:00 PM.) Limited to 20 members attending the annual banquet and 26th Graduate Student Symposium. Cost: $65. Registration will only be available through Santa Barbara Botanic Garden. Lunch not included.

Sunday, April 9, 2017: Figueroa Mountain. Led by Larry Ballard and Matt Guilliams.
Meeting place and time TBA. Cost: FREE. Lunch not included.